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About us

The only wrinkle we want to see, is your smile.

At Prahar Techsol Pvt Ltd, we are a team of passionate people who believe in the role that technology can play to make our everyday lives easier. With Chakachak, we want to redefine how people use local services and technology to provide them the best experience with our promise of convenience, quality and price.

Our target customers:





Senior Citizens


Chakachak is a hassle free and reliable, daily ironing, laundry & dry cleaning service at affordable prices, with no extra charges on collection & delivery. Within a few clicks, your clothes can be wrinkle free. Our target customers are the housewives, the businessmen, the students, the world travelers, the senior citizens, and everyone who have other important things to do in life than to worry about ironing their clothes. It is for you all, who want to get their clothes ironed with least stress and time involved, all with the comfort of sitting at home. So live your life, while we take care of your chores & make your clothes crisp and wrinkle free.

More than just a service, Chakachak also aims to be a platform to organize the entire laundry & ironing industry, while empowering the dhobi community. Chakachak is the first platform with transparent, affordable pricing and order process; in fact, it is a platform to spread happiness with every cloth.

Our moto
To elevate, not to eliminate.

Today, Chakachak is focused on partnering with Dhobis, investors, vendors, NGOs, and more in numerous ways. We are driving this movement by connecting people through technology and by creating a much simpler and happier system to get things done in a better way. So come join us in this journey and share happiness with every order!

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, write to us on: info@chakachak.biz